Thursday, October 22, 2009

live there for a bit

We moved into our first house last March, and with my creative juices flowing we picked paint colors, carpet, flooring and appliances. As we settled in, the house became a home and we loved spending time there. However, before I could really decide what pieces of furniture and which decor should go where, I just had to "live there for a bit." Then, sporadically, to my husband's (Josh) surprise, I was attacked by the decorating bug. The first attack took place during the "nesting" phase of my pregnancy, yet they've continued and with a nearly 2 month old I was attacked again the other day. Each time it bites I have the urge to tackle something different.
First were the walls in the family room/the wall above the bookshelf thanks to my dear friend Erin and Home Good's inspirations.

then onto the breakfast room chandelier  (before)


details in the master bath~
I saw these precious knobs at Anthropologie for $8/ea
but bought the exact same ones at HobLob for 1/2 the price!
Gotta love a cute bargain!

O! and I can't forget my favorite fall decor~
I must give credit where credit is due -
my sweet mom made the precious fall wreath! 

Now I am onto window treatments and the front room/ playroom...

As I was sharing my newest ideas last night, Josh (who is an incredibly supportive husband, a wonderful listener, and very patient as I ask him to move/remove/change what he hung or did a few months ago) made a very good point. In the middle of stating that I had decorating anxiety over the playroom and how I just wish I could complete it all so I could check it off my life's to-do list he simply stated "You'll never be finished." How true! Even though I look forward to checking things off my list, I love that my home will always be a work in progress. There is no shame in that statement. Changing and rearranging is fun, and I honestly hope that the project of personalizing our home is never complete. So whether you have just moved into your new home or have "lived there for a bit", take a second to look around. What could you do with that empty space on the wall? How could you rearrange the items on your bookshelf?

Blessings and Peace.
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