Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Renovating a Farmhouse.

Over the next 31 days, 
I hope you enjoy reading about the excitement and craziness that comes with renovating a farmhouse.
I will add the link to every new post below, throughout the next month.

::DAY 1::
I am so excited to be joining Nester and her 31 Days Party!
I have been brainstorming some of these posts for quite some time...

Honestly, when we purchased our farmhouse back in May, (Read how we ended up in a Farmhouse HERE and HERE - It's a pretty great story, if I do say so myself) one of my first thoughts was that this renovation would sure make a good "31 Days" post.  If only the renovation could actually have taken place in a 31 day time frame! Now that would really make an excellent topic... 

This is our Farmhouse - our own little slice of the country.  
God has blessed our socks off and we are greatly humbled to call this place our home. 

I hope you enjoy seeing all of the "before" and "afters" of our Phase 1 renovation, as well as learn some other helpful tips, money saving tricks, and avoid some serious troubles, when you renovate your own home, whether or not it be an actual Farmhouse.  

I look forward to having you back each day throughout this fabulous fall month of October!

::Day 2:: Farmhouse Chic
::Day 3:: Do it Right. The First Time. 
::Day 4:: Paint 'em White. Or Die Tryin'. 
::Day 5:: Opposites Attract. 
::Day 6:: What to do with all that Inspiration...
::Day 7:: Before : Entry Hall 
::Day 8:: After : Entry Hall 
::Day 9:: What's Next? 
::Day 10:: Square v. Round
::Day 11:: Before: Wet Bar 
::Day 12:: Take a Break from the Crazy 
::Day 13:: A Peek at the Progress
::Day 14:: After : Wet Bar 
::Day 15:: My Love for Shutters. 
::Day 16:: Now, Let's not be too Farmy.
::Day 17:: More Laundry Room Progress


  1. YAY!! This looks like so much fun. I have to say, your home looks like the house from The Notebook! I love it! I look forward to this series!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! So glad you are looking forward to the series!

  2. I am so excited to follow you 31 Days! I am in Phase 1 of my own farmhouse reno, and wanted so badly to do the 31 Day challenge, but things are just too hectic here! I look forward to seeing your progress!

    1. MaKaela, How exciting!! I completely understand that your life is hectic! Just know that it will all settle down and be so worth it in the end. I would love to see your pictures and progress sometime.

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thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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