Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Table Settings

looking outside my kitchen window at the flowers in bloom,
makes me want to throw a spring garden party!

here are some beautiful table settings to spur on your party planning desires...

a beautiful honeysuckle pink setting. the perfect way to display the color of the year!

how about using fresh summer vegetables from your garden as part of the decor.
don't have a garden? fake it! 

love the combination of curvy pears with spiky leaves.
and those rays of sunshine make me want to spend an afternoon with besties around the table.

hope you're spring has been warm and full of budding leaves and bright flowers!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Countdown to Spring

Spring is in the air & I can hardly wait 3 more days until it's official!
Tonight my boys and I headed to our local garden center & Lowe's to stock up on 
spring flowers for planting! 
We're starting to spruce up the yard tomorrow!

I am ready for my yard to look like this...

rather than this.

ha. that's an exaggeration.
on both ends. 
Seriously though...I have looked outside 4 days in a row to find landscaper's
business cards on my porch. totally offensive.

I'm about to post a sign on the front door that says:
"I'm pregnant and I don't feel like pulling weeds today, but I will someday soon.
Whatever you do, don't leave your business card."
Then I'll place a hidden camera outside to watch their expressions while giggling 
from the comfort of my couch, during my nauseous spells. 

I hope you're weekend is as bright and beautiful as these petunias,
which I'll be planting soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chalkboard Table

I had been looking for the perfect little table and chairs for a while.
I saw this set at Ikea...

It was cute but $65.00 was a little more than I wanted to spend...
and it needed a little more pizzazz!

Then I saw this cute little set on Craigslist for $25.00!
well, it seems like the only picture i could find was of the chair,
whenever i come across the set picture I'll add it!

it was a set of 2 chairs and a table, in a beige color with "carly" painted on the back of a chair.
and that picture was taken in the middle of a major garage clean out. 
don't judge the mess!

after 3 cans of Rustoleum White paint:
 taping off the top edges, draping the sides, and painting the top area with chalkboard paint.
it was turned into the perfect coloring surface for this cutie!
now he has a special space all his own.

::price list::
table and 2 chairs: $25
3 cans of white paint: $13
1 can of chalkboard paint: $4
:total: $42

and it's exactly what I wanted for him!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Nursery Inspiration

I am so excited to announce that it's time for me to plan a nursery for Baby  #2!

We went to our first appointment last week, and I am a little over 8 weeks along!
Baby is just 1/4 inch long with a heartbeat of 130 bpm. Growing bigger every day!
A true miracle.

Our little man is going to be a big brother, and a great one at that!

he might even share his new chalkboard table with his little sibling!
::how to:: for chalkboard table coming soon.

I have been noncommitally piddling through baby websites,
not wanting to get my heart set on anything until we know boy our girl,
but tucking away plenty of inspiration to keep me thinking!
So, until I start making any definite nursery plans and settling on a name,
here are rooms that have given me much inspiration!

I stumbled across this fun website called Project Nursery where moms upload
pictures of their baby nurseries. Super Cute. Lots of inspiring ideas!
Most pictures are from Project Nursery, unless otherwise noted.

 striped walls. pops of bright color.

 what a fun alphabet wall!

i would love to find a book of old nursery rhymes,
and frame them just like these Beatrix Potter prints.

 I purchased a cute birdcage like this from Home Goods last summer...

such a fun pendant shade - with a little pizazz underneath!

perfect mix of patterns.

elegant. lovely. fabulous chandelier.

obsessed with the extra large wall stenciling.

monogrammed bedding. swoon.

such a fun yellow dresser!
with precious wallpaper on the bookshelves.

navy and white is so crisp and sharp.

silhouettes of the parents. sweet.

such a cozy space.
i just want to curl up and rock a sweet little baby in that chair.

and i always love wainscotting.

not so much my style, but still adorably cute tree decal and banner.


So that's what I've been up to while resting and overcoming my 7 hour nauseous streaks.
Hubby and I have also been accomplishing some good projects,
which I'll share soon!

Now, it's time to nap while little man does, too!

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