Thursday, March 29, 2012

While I've Been waiting ...

Throughout a remodel, the homeowner has no choice but to learn patience.
Ugh. Not always a fun lesson.

Our carpenter came to install the hardware yesterday,
but the screws included with the drawer pulls weren't long enough ... so he drilled the holes and now it's up to us to buy the screws & finish installing. So now it's another item on my ever growing to-do-list...Hopefully to be completed by this weekend because I am dying to share pictures!!

So while I've been waiting for that project to wrap up ... 
I completed the "seems like it will never be completed gallery wall"

I was so excited to show my sailboat loving Hubby!
Couldn't wait for him to get home so I could show him the completed gallery wall.

When he left for work that AM it looked like this...

a few missing frames, our framed "save the date" that hung in our first apt, and at least 4 empty frames.

Upon returning home it was completed and looked like this. So much better.

Sweet guy had been super patient with me.
He probably thought I'd never really finish.
I mean let's get real, it had been a year since we hung those frames
I am not going to lie, it was pretty frustrating.

I kept trying to find pictures and images to fit the matte sizes in the frames, until I read this post from Pam where I learned they can cut custom mattes for you at Hob Lob!

Here are some sources for the images I used::

I ordered this image from One King's Lane, planned on cutting it to fit, but was so glad that I didn't have to.

Quite a while ago, Emily shared her source for free images at NYPL and Vintage Printables. I have printed many a free image from those sites since then.

Including these for the wall in Hubby's Nautical Office:

 "dungeness lighthouse"

"the sea horse"

"America's Cup presented in 1977"

The other images (Tall Ship, Eagle, and Sailboat Masts) along the top row were purchased by my dad for Hubby when we were dating. Dad knew how much he loved sailing.  My Dad is so thoughtful like that. I loved getting to use them in this collection.

And the large ocean chart was used by Hubby when he was completing his Captain's courses.

To my sweet Hubby, I hope you smile each time you look up at this wall I hope that you are reminded of all your accomplishments on the ocean and those to come. You are so talented and I was so blessed to design this space just. for. you.

The gallery wall frames were the finishing touch on this room.

So the Office reveal will be coming soon, right along with the Kitchen Remodel.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: sneak peek

All of the major pieces came together last week!  
The cabinet doors were installed, and now all that's left is for our carpenter to screw in the knobs and pulls, which will happen one day this week. Hopefully. Then it will be time for the finishing touches! 

Until then here is a sneak peek picture of our remodeled kitchen ...

For dramatic effect, here is a picture of our kitchen right after we moved in ...

love. love. love. the changes!

to see the posts leading up to this final product go

sharing the changes here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: i always love a good deal

Our kitchen remodel is nearing completion, which has me thinking of the finishing touches! An important detail is the hardware, and I found a site with awesome hardware for WAY less than I'd seen elsewhere.  Much like the hardware I loved here.

The site I found is My Home Hardware and they had amazing prices, much less than the large home improvement stores.
They even have an additional sale on top of their great prices,
10% off any purchase over $75!

Here are the knobs I found for our kitchen:

cabinet door knobs

drawer pulls

 pantry door knob

Go check 'em out & have a Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kids' Room Projects :: A Sneak Peek!

Here are few pictures of some projects that have now come to completion in our kids' rooms!  All of the details and info will be here soon,  just wanted to give you a little something to peak your interest!

:: coming soon ::

 easy tricks to turn this popular wall decor into a bow holder

these weren't used for just any gallery wall - this one has something special.

I purchased this map on clearance at PB - see how we personalized it for our son's room!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing Like a Sale for a Little Motivation

I just have to say that sometimes I get Design ADD.
I will start on projects in one room and before you know it,
I have ideas for another and kind of abandon ship...
Knowing that I'll get back to it one day.

The project that has been halfway completed that longest is this
Every month or so he'll nicely ask when I plan to getting around to it again...

poor little abandoned frames.

This past week I had a nice bit of motivation with some help from
a Typography and Letterpress sale at One Kings Lane.
A couple of frames are on the larger side of things,
so I have had some trouble filling them.
This one was actually larger than I needed, but I figured I could trim it to size.
It's going in the large frame, top left.

I knew Hubby would love this one.  No doubt.
Perfect for his nautical office.
Can't wait for it to arrive.

Now it's time to find two more 5x7 images, two 2x3 images (that might be a little tough),
pick up a matte or two from Hob Lob, pop a sailboat image in another frame, and la-tee-da.
 This wall will finally be complete!

If you've never shopped a One Kings Lane sale, you're missing out!
Sign up here and get shopping!
Come back and let me know what you find.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: selections

I have received some questions regarding the different selections we made for our kitchen.
So, this is just a random little post with source information.
Thanks for your interest!

Granite Composite
33" across and a depth of 9 1/2"
Dal Tile 
3x6 white porcelain subway tile

UbaTuba Granite Countertops

OilBased Paint from Lowe's in
They color matched the Valspar Subway Tile
for an Olympic OilBased Paint

Monday, March 5, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: nothing like a little reassurance

I am sure most of you have heard of Houzz.
It rocks.

I love getting the latest Houzz e-mail with tips, tricks, and amazing images.
The other day I was glancing through the e-mail and noticed the title:

First of all, if you know me and have been following Peace of Home long enough,
you know that I have a very classic, traditional style. With a dash of modern or vintage here and there.
My goal in our kitchen remodel was definitely to create a classic kitchen.
Second, we were smack dab in the middle of our remodel, I questioned whether or not to read 
their opinions thinking I might regret one of my decisions.
I was so glad that I did! It was like a big pat on the back.

Here are their 8 suggested elements:

White or Cream Cabinetry

that's definitely the plan which will be executed this weekend.

Simple Architectural Details

nothing too fancy or ornate, 
but still interesting.
such as Shaker Style Cabinets, crown moulding, decorative L-Brackets,
legs on the island...

Honed Black Countertops

We were seriously considering honed countertops until we learned that means they aren't sealed...
so smudges, liquids, spills can show.
o, let me just tell you, that would drive me nuts!!
I'm kinda a perfectionist about clean counters. 
So, we went with black countertops, just not honed.
I guess we get a "half check" on that one. ha

White Marble Countertops

If you prefer lighter countertops, that's a great option...
We obviously went with the dark ones.
This makes it kinda tricky to tally my score but I will accept a 
"no check"

White Subway Tile
Subway tile can range in size, the classic size is 3x6, and finish.
I chose the classic of classic.
White porcelain 3x6.

Simple door styles

Nothing is more simple or classic than the Shaker Style doors our carpenter built.

Neutral Palette

white cabinets, wood floors, black countertops, white backsplash, 
all combine to make a very neutral palette.
I love working with neutral palettes so I can add colors based on the seasons,
holidays, and my mood :) 


"Classic Kitchens are chameleons: You can take the same kitchen and completely change its
look by mixing in different [elements]" 

I so look forward to sharing more pictures as our remodel comes to completion.
For pictures of the progress thus far
look here here and here 

So, what's your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with this article?
Do you like classic? modern? vintage? shabby chic?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: lighting changes everything

Choosing the right lighting can most definitely 
make or break your space.
"not too hot, not too cold"
but just right.

I have always loved this image.
The canister lights, lighted display cabinets, under cabinet lighting, and pendants...
They all work together to create a warm, perfectly lit space.

I had never personally experienced the impact of such lighting until the latest stage of our remodel.
We had this horrible fluorescent light fixture removed
and the lining of the canister light changed from black to white.

I couldn't have been happier to kick it to the curb.
Literally, the garbage truck picked it up & I smiled.
Hubby was going to try and reuse it in the garage, but it was so
worthless the electrician couldn't believe it had actually been working in the kitchen.
It had some serious issues.

We had six can lights installed and they dramatically change the room,
making it feel much taller and adds an unbelievable amount of light.
i apologize in advance for the phone pics.

Tip: add a dimmer to create just the perfect amount of light
depending upon your mood, weather, and time of day.



all on

o! did you notice the other change??
new lighted display cabinets!
more info on those, coming soon.
and don't worry ... I am not moving to entirely open shelving.
We're just in the process of painting the doors! 

 in case you were wondering...
Hubby did get a new light installed in the man cave.
He needs it for tinkering on all of his toys!
Yes, the new light made a dramatic difference in there, as well.
and in my opinion, that's where fluorescent lights belong.
in the garage! ha

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