Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Movin' to the country

I feel as though I kinda left y'all hanging last week...
You know we listed our house for sale & sold it, but now what are we doing?

Last night I was reading through all of my favorite blogs, 
when I found this download from the precious Lay Baby Lay
and as I read it, I couldn't help but smile. 
This is why we sold our house...

We are moving! Moving to the country.
We've purchased two acres and are mid-design process with an architect for building our home!

I don't actually have plans to blow up our tv, but our hearts are yearning for a slower pace of life, 
we want space for our kids to run and play and dream, 
and we know God is calling us to that place. 

Last spring, Hubby came to me with his ideas for moving, 
that he felt the Lord had placed on his heart.
I 'm sure I was hesitant and had a lot of questions, as I don't readily jump for joy in the face of change,
but now I can hardly wait to be there, out in the country.

I promise to share details with y'all about the house, and I hope to have lots of good advice to share with all of you about what I learn through the house design and building process!

Curious what the style will be? 
Follow me on Pinterest, when I am not packing our taking care of our babies, 
I am pinning my favorite home and design ideas.

For now, it's back to packing up our current house,
we move out October 30th! 

(disclaimer:: the chorus of "Spanish Pipedream" by John Prine (as pictured above) is the only part of that song that applies to our lives. I listened to the song in it's entirety as I was writing this post ... nothing else about it relates to us. at. all. ha!)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Our House is For Sale ... SOLD!

I was initially planning on writing to let all of you know that our house was for sale,
but before I had time to sit down and write this post,
our house SOLD! 

Our house went on the market Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm, & by 3:30 we already had a showing scheduled! 
Over the last three days we had 8 showings. Yes, 8! Hectic? Yes, but well worth it. 

Then on Sunday, we received two offers and accepted one of them! We signed the papers last night and then went to dinner to celebrate! We should officially close in 3 weeks!
What a whirlwind of a weekend but, we are beyond excited and incredibly humbled by God's amazing provision! 

Enjoy the following house tour, 
using pictures from my talented friend
Tiffany of Tiffany Parrott Photography.
These were posted on the Houston Area Realtor website (HAR.com)
(check out her portfolio by clicking on her button in the right column!)

Selling our 1st home is rather bittersweet, we have so many amazing memories from the past 4 years in this home, but yet so many exciting things to come!  

We've completed many, many projects here. 
Some large, others small
Some were DIY, others were more than we wanted to tackle.
All of them were fun memories for the hubby and myself,
and I have loved sharing with y'all, my wonderful followers, too! 
We have many exciting things coming, 
and can't wait to see what God has in store for us in this next chapter. 

Over the next week, 
I will be sharing some of my recent decorating projects and tips for prepping your home to sell! 


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