Saturday, October 23, 2010

project::office switch it, change it, rearrange it

this particle board bookshelf has been used in hubby's office as a storage spot for all of his junk things :)
it was free...but i am not its biggest fan.
 this piece seems to throw off the traditional decor of the room

enter: solid wood bookshelf from family room

we purchased this bookshelf after we were married, 
and it's always been in our family room....
but our little guy can reach everything on two of the shelves,
and in the bottom sets of drawers.
 i would venture to say it no longer works best for our family in that spot.
it's looks so sad with decor on only 2 shelves.

guess where it's going...
hubby's office.

 it's time to switch it, change it, rearrange it!
i can't wait to see how it changes up both rooms.

the bookshelf is so much happier in its new home, full of hubby's organized things
family room:
yeah, that's right. a blank wall 
now with an empty wall, i'm on the lookout for a beautiful tv armoire...
yes. that definitely means the tv is coming down from the mantle!
it's obviously difficult to decorate with...
i'm glad i never spent too much time answering this question regarding our tv.

sweet hubby has finally agreed that an armoire is the best place for it.
{1} we decided that having it above the fireplace makes it a focal point,
which it's really not. we hardly ever watch tv.
{2} it's incredibly difficult to decorate with/ around
{3} the room will feel much warmer and inviting without a big, black box on the wall

watch out craigslist, here i come! 

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