Monday, October 25, 2010

project::office these are a few of his favorite things

after we moved the bookcases around here,
 it was time to organize and create a purposeful space.

not purposeful. uck.

in this picture, the items are in disarray and the shelves look junky,
even though there are some super sentimental items amongst the junkyness.
so, we sifted through and placed some items in a box for goodwill,
while setting aside other items that were really important to hubby.

below are the items we deemed worthy of a spot on the shelves:

a calligraphy of Proverbs 3:16 to remind him to commit all of his creative, entrepreneur ideas to the Lord

an autographed football. can't quite figure out who signed it, but i'm sure he knows.

one of his best friends flew this flag over Iraq in his fighter plane on hubby's birthday. 

hubby's first captains hat. it's sailed over many oceans and seas.

our first sail boat. hopefully someday we'll buy one that we can actually sail on together!

quite purposeful.

what are some of the sentimentals that fill your shelves and bookcases?

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