Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eternal Perspective

The time lapses between posts are never intended to be lengthy,
but these past months, ever since we began seriously packing boxes and moving,
have absolutely flown by. 
Honestly, I haven't even checked back to "approve" comments on my last post in months.

As I was just looking things over, I stumbled upon a post from a few months ago that brought 
me to tears...so if you dare, here is my heart felt, eternal perspective on a few things...
Beware, I might ramble. You've been warned. BUT I promise it will be worth the read.

Gosh, I sure do miss our first house. A lot.
So many amazing memories... where both babies took their first steps, so many birthday parties,
wedding showers for family and friends, Christmas Eve brunches, 
dinners with our dearest blessings in life, were all hosted there.
Hubby started his entrepreneurial car business from that office, I decorated and re-decorated every square inch of that place... 
I used to complain that it was "too small" and "we didn't have room to grow there"
Well, you should see our rent house. Our son calls it our "small house." ha.

This afternoon, I clicked on my "Peace of Home" tab in the Title Bar,
and as I scrolled through to my post on October 8th, my eyes welled up with tears that soon began streaming down my face...
I was suddenly overwhelmed with some crazy emotions in regards to what's been going 
on in our lives lately.

Moving is tough. 

Adjusting to a rent house and doing your best to make it feel like home for your family is hard.
It's hard because you know it's temporary.

Building a house...even harder.
Even when it's your dream house.
Talk about God teaching me patience and that His timeline is perfect.
Not mine.

These last few months have been challenging. tough. not my favorite.
It's helped to know that at the end, Hubby and I will have built our dream house.
It's like if we can keep looking to next fall (some still undecided deadline),
keep our eyes on the prize, this current situation is worth it.

And by all means, I do not mean to sound ungrateful for what we have.
I am so thankful for how God provided this rent house, but the internal struggle
is that it's temporary. It's hard to feel "at home" when you know you're moving in 8 months...or 10.

Interesting how God talks to your heart as he is
bringing you to a realization as to why you are learning these lessons,
and why the "learning these lessons" part isn't easy.
We always know deep down inside, even when it's hard, that He is growing us,
making us more like Him, teaching us to trust Him more, 
and stretching us to that uncomfortable place...

Today, as I was running some errands and had a few hours of quiet time to myself,
He was speaking to my heart. 
Reminding me why "temporary" is so hard. Why our hearts yearn, long, dream of something more.

This "small house" is just like Earth.
And the struggles in our temporary rent house are like those we face in our temporary home on Earth.
God has put us here for a short time, a blink of an eye, in the grand scheme of eternity.
And doesn't your heart yearn for something more, something greater?
Because God made us that way. To long for Him.

He designed us to long for something far greater than anything on this planet.
And that can only be fulfilled through Him. Our Savior. Redeemer. Father. Rock.
It's hard to be content in this "small house" just like it's hard to be content on Earth.
Oh! How I can't wait to spend eternity with God and my Savior in Heaven! 
There is no sweeter thought! 

Praising Him for all my days, surrounded by so many loved ones, dear family, best friends.
This world has become so evil, and has turned its back to Him.
We long for something more because this Earth is NOT our home. 
Praise the Lord! I would be so discouraged if it were.
Heaven is our eternal home. My ULTIMATE dream house.
 So much greater than our "dream house" in the country could ever be.

So, as I wrap up these emotions, the point of it all is to remember we are here, 
on this Earth, temporarily.
God knows that, and He still has an amazing purpose for us.
He wants us to share His love with others! 
Expand His kingdom. Reach out to others. Give of ourselves. Invest in peoples' lives.
Be content.  (Something I clearly need to work on)
Pray daily for an eternal perspective.
This place is not our home. Hallelujah!

Run this race with everything you've got, 
and when we enter into Heaven, running into Christ's arms,
it will have all been worth it! 
May He say to us all "Well done my good and faithful servant."

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