Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tale of an Organized Pantry

Once upon a time, a girl named Liz, who loved organizing, had met her match. She had rescued many closets, shelves, and rooms from despair,

but her pantry defeated her time and time again.


One of her dear friends named Lauren, a professional organizer, 
offered to defeat the pantry once and for all.  
She arrived with bags and bags of organizational accessories,
from baskets to glass canisters, all of Liz's favorites!

Lauren swept in and cleared out every inch of the pantry,
wiping down all the shelves and their contents as she went.

isn't she darling?!!
who wouldn't want to spend the day with her while she organizes your life!

When Liz arrived home from running errands, 
she was in utter amazement at how her pantry had been transformed!  The shelves were beautiful and most importantly functional.

 loving my expandable shelves and baskets

 she added storage on the doors and utilized the awkward back corner space

 love these baskets that she used to organize our snack foods 

 love. love. love. opening my pantry door and seeing this

Liz, her family and their pantry lived happily ever after!

 Lauren truly is so talented in creating order amongst chaos!
 If you live in the Houston area and would like Lauren's help in organizing
ANY area of your home, you can email her:
Lauren (dot) L (dot) Sloan (at) Gmail (dot) com

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Fiona, Our Fiddle Leaf Fig

I have this habit of naming things as a term of endearment.
Like cars, children, and my husband's moped from college, for instance.  

The names of my cars have been Lucky, Sugar,  & now Rover.  Each of them had a reason for the name they were given.
As I stated yesterday, I {heart} Fiddle Leaf Figs,
so I thought it only appropriate to name her, as well.

Meet Fiona.

Obviously, I like the alliteration aspect of her name, 
Fiona, my Fiddle Leaf Fig.
and it's also fitting as she is green and female, just like the beloved character in Shrek.  I know, creative, right?

She was immediately welcomed into our home with squeals of excitement from, Moi...and giggles from Little Man, as he watched me bounce around the room in excitement. I kept thinking of reasons that I needed to walk through the family room today,
just so I could smile at her.

Don't judge me. I am just giddy.

She absolutely brought life to a neutral corner, and I hope she adores her new sunny corner spot as much as I adore her.

Notice anything else new, from these photos?
Yes, I did press my draperies. But there is something else...
You guessed it! My new armchairs were re-upholstered and delivered yesterday. More on those deets soon.

Want to know how to care for your Fiddle Leaf Fig? click here

Live in the Houston area? 
Contact me and I can assist you in finding the perfect Fig Tree for your home, too!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I {heart} Fiddle Leaf Figs.

I have been drooling over images of Fiddle Leaf Figs for months.

Tomorrow, I will actually get to drool on my very own tree in our family room! ha I found a plant nursery in our area that has some available, and following little man's swim lessons, it's first on my to-do-list! Can't wait! 
I'll post pictures as soon as it's safe and sound in our home.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Remodel 2012 :: The FINAL Reveal!

It's been a long time coming, but our patience definitely paid off!
I hope you enjoy the tour of our newly remodeled kitchen!

O, wait! Before you begin, here is all that has changed since the beginning,
just so you can appreciate it as much as I do!

New cabinet doors and faces
Display cabinets built in empty space of cabinets
Lighting in Display cabinets
Recessed lighting throughout kitchen
Hardwood floors, installed by my amazing hubby!
Yours truly painted the cabinets, like a professional (more to come on that)
Granite countertops
Subway Tile backsplash
Kitchen sink
Knobs & Pulls

Whew! That's quite a list, and I am so thankful for each item above. We had been wanting to begin this project for at least a year and a half, and it was truly worth the wait. We saved, saved, saved and it was so worth it in the end, when we were able to pay for it all up front and not take out a loan. Something else I did was a lot of research...which led me to find all of these amazing inspiration photographs.  Personally, I think it's the spitting image of a few & love how it turned out. I wouldn't change anything about it!

Enjoy your tour!

I just have to say this...
I am borrowing the current kitchen runner from here but found some amazing ones at Dash and Albert that I currently have my eye one. The plan is also to display my china in the lighted cabinets...taking my to-do-list one day at a time!

::The BEFORE picture::

This is actually WAY before ... 

Original choice of paint color 
(I always wanted a yellow kitchen, but it did not work in this space)
Tile floors
Old bar stools
Cluttered countertops
Random decor above cabinets...there was just too much empty space up there!
We had upgraded our appliances! which initially made a huge difference.

The Remodel begins::

countertops & new sink are installed::

making progress...

the new cabinet fronts are installed!

For more posts throughout the remodel and for a list of my kitchen selections, look:
here  here  here  here  here  here & here

Thanks for taking the tour of our new kitchen! 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation as much as we did!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Design Board :: A Client's Loft Area

I've loved working on this space! 
My client's boys love to play video games in the loft,  but they also wanted it to serve a dual purpose as a place for guests when the other guest rooms are full. It's outside the door to their Master Suite, which has soft blue walls and can be seen when looking up from the entry way to this roomWith that in mind, this was the area I designed for their family.

CJ loft area

In the corner bookcase, they can mount a TV for gaming, hide games and accessories in the storage baskets, and the boys have a comfy spot to sit on those fabulous chevron floor pillows.
Although the boys probably won't describe them with that exact wording. ha 
They can read with their boys on the daybed amongst the comfy pillows, yet it serves it's purpose for guests when needed. As for the colors, they coordinate nicely with the other surrounding rooms, and are very soothing for overnight guests. I loved creating this space to meet multiple needs for this family.

Would you like help designing a space for you?
Please visit my Design Services and Portfolio page for more information.

Our FINAL Kitchen Remodel 2012 Reveal is Monday!
Come back and see the drastic transformation that's taken place.

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