Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tale of an Organized Pantry

Once upon a time, a girl named Liz, who loved organizing, had met her match. She had rescued many closets, shelves, and rooms from despair,

but her pantry defeated her time and time again.


One of her dear friends named Lauren, a professional organizer, 
offered to defeat the pantry once and for all.  
She arrived with bags and bags of organizational accessories,
from baskets to glass canisters, all of Liz's favorites!

Lauren swept in and cleared out every inch of the pantry,
wiping down all the shelves and their contents as she went.

isn't she darling?!!
who wouldn't want to spend the day with her while she organizes your life!

When Liz arrived home from running errands, 
she was in utter amazement at how her pantry had been transformed!  The shelves were beautiful and most importantly functional.

 loving my expandable shelves and baskets

 she added storage on the doors and utilized the awkward back corner space

 love these baskets that she used to organize our snack foods 

 love. love. love. opening my pantry door and seeing this

Liz, her family and their pantry lived happily ever after!

 Lauren truly is so talented in creating order amongst chaos!
 If you live in the Houston area and would like Lauren's help in organizing
ANY area of your home, you can email her:
Lauren (dot) L (dot) Sloan (at) Gmail (dot) com


  1. Lauren lives to organize. I have admired the way she can see right through clutter into a place of sanity. I have seen her at work and how she enjoys putting pleasure into her clients' life.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lauren organized my kitchen and our life has never been the same. I am no longer embarrassed to open my cabinets!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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