Friday, June 18, 2010

to frame or not to frame

Hubby has always wanted to hang his t.v. above the fireplace.
I must say, it doesn't lend itself to being the most fabulous decorative piece,
but if it makes Hubby smile I suppose it can stay.

Now comes the challenge of how to disguise it...
I found this great idea over at 
and can't wait for hubby and I to get started!
Penny framed her t.v. and created artwork to cover the screen.
Her artwork looks great, but we're just planning on framing ours.
She even created a step-by-step ::how to:: guide, so helpful!

a penny saved

I love how the t.v. looks purposeful.
Not just thrown on the ours does.

I'm not crazy about those symmetrical candlesticks, either.  
I just don't know how to decorate around the darn thing!
My newest motivations to frame the thing are:
{1} Hubby is painting the walls in the family room next week,
so the t.v. has to come down anyway
{3} the white trim will show up much better when the wall itself isn't white
{2} Shabby Chic Cottage has a 10 projects in 10 days challenge,
and this is (hopefully) going to be one of mine!

So, what do you think...
Would you frame your t.v.?
Do you even allow a t.v. to hang above the fireplace?


  1. I love this idea and have considered doing the same thing. You might enjoy this link from Brooklyn Limestone where they use a gorgeous frame around the flat screen.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've never seen this done, but I think it looks awesome!!

  3. Thank you for sending me that website link, Rene! Their frame is amazing! I am going to keep my eyes out for something so lovely :)

  4. Great post!This TV frame looks amazing.Really stunning when you view it at first.

    frame my tv


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