Thursday, March 29, 2012

While I've Been waiting ...

Throughout a remodel, the homeowner has no choice but to learn patience.
Ugh. Not always a fun lesson.

Our carpenter came to install the hardware yesterday,
but the screws included with the drawer pulls weren't long enough ... so he drilled the holes and now it's up to us to buy the screws & finish installing. So now it's another item on my ever growing to-do-list...Hopefully to be completed by this weekend because I am dying to share pictures!!

So while I've been waiting for that project to wrap up ... 
I completed the "seems like it will never be completed gallery wall"

I was so excited to show my sailboat loving Hubby!
Couldn't wait for him to get home so I could show him the completed gallery wall.

When he left for work that AM it looked like this...

a few missing frames, our framed "save the date" that hung in our first apt, and at least 4 empty frames.

Upon returning home it was completed and looked like this. So much better.

Sweet guy had been super patient with me.
He probably thought I'd never really finish.
I mean let's get real, it had been a year since we hung those frames
I am not going to lie, it was pretty frustrating.

I kept trying to find pictures and images to fit the matte sizes in the frames, until I read this post from Pam where I learned they can cut custom mattes for you at Hob Lob!

Here are some sources for the images I used::

I ordered this image from One King's Lane, planned on cutting it to fit, but was so glad that I didn't have to.

Quite a while ago, Emily shared her source for free images at NYPL and Vintage Printables. I have printed many a free image from those sites since then.

Including these for the wall in Hubby's Nautical Office:

 "dungeness lighthouse"

"the sea horse"

"America's Cup presented in 1977"

The other images (Tall Ship, Eagle, and Sailboat Masts) along the top row were purchased by my dad for Hubby when we were dating. Dad knew how much he loved sailing.  My Dad is so thoughtful like that. I loved getting to use them in this collection.

And the large ocean chart was used by Hubby when he was completing his Captain's courses.

To my sweet Hubby, I hope you smile each time you look up at this wall I hope that you are reminded of all your accomplishments on the ocean and those to come. You are so talented and I was so blessed to design this space just. for. you.

The gallery wall frames were the finishing touch on this room.

So the Office reveal will be coming soon, right along with the Kitchen Remodel.

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