Saturday, October 5, 2013

opposites attract.

You all know that we finally decided on a white for the walls , so now onto the doors.
The painter was painting all the walls and trim, so why not the doors, too? We wanted everything to look fresh and new. But fresh and new doesn't mean they have to be white! 
The pictures below caused me to fall in love with the idea of using contrasting opposites of white and black throughout our home. 

1 2 3 4 5 

Black doors, black windows, black built-ins. Oh my! Once I fell in love I just couldn't get enough! 

Originally we had planned to just paint the doors black.  Then, when those were painted and made such an impact, we decided to have the wet bar, pantry, and banister spindles painted black as well. Y'all. The contrast is amazing! 

So many friends have asked if we got all new doors because they can't believe that a regular 6-panel wooden door could make that much of a statement.  You should try it! But beware, your painter and contractor might think you are crazy. I got some weird looks in regards to what I wanted painted black, UNTIL they saw the finished product! And tell your painted ahead of time what you want to have painted black because they tend to think painting black is more difficult, so they may charge more. You'll likely want to know that up front!

The black we chose was Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black because it was the truest black, without red, blue, or brown undertones. 

You know I love my White Dove, but honestly white walls & white trim with white doors all throughout the house would have been too much of my new favorite color. The dark floors and the black doors make the white walls and trim really work well together! Now check out some before, progress, and after pics!



waiting for countertop installation

Which do you think makes more of an impact? The before pic? or the after?
You know what I think - but I would love to know what you think!
Do you prefer the contrast of white and black? Or do you have something you love even more?Do tell! 

OH! and make sure they spray. Don't let them brush. I'm serious about this.
The only door that was brushed was a pocket door between my office and the laundry room, on the day their sprayer broke. And I sure am glad it's a pocket door because you can see the brush strokes. When it's sprayed, it's perfection.

spraying interior doors

 spraying pantry shelves

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  1. I'm loving following along with you! Everything looks really nice. :)


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