Tuesday, October 8, 2013

::AFTER:: Entry Hall

Welcome to the Farmhouse! 
I hope you enjoy the fall tour of our new entry hall.

Items changed and/or updated::
New front porch lighting 
Painted front door
Fresh paint on all walls and ceiling
Addition of crown moulding
Addition of horizontal wood planking on walls above and below staircase
Sanding and refinishing wood floors
Removal of two closets flanking dining room entry
Removal of arches 
Raising entry ways into dining room, kitchen, & family room
Sanding and refinishing stair steps
New stair balusters and newels
Raised entryway and added French doors into office 
New light fixture at top of stairs 

Make sure you check out the ::BEFORE:: pictures before going any further! 

Just in case you missed the yesterday's post...here are a few images so you can easily see the contrast between ::BEFORE:: and ::AFTER:: 


  1. Amazing! The squared off doorways look so much better! The paneled walls are my favorite part. We plan to use them in our kitchen. Can't wait to see what is next!

  2. I love your entryway table, where did you get it?

  3. Beautiful!! The square doorways make SUCH a difference, and the paneled walls are such a stunning touch. Your front door should be in a magazine - so pretty! :)


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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