Monday, October 21, 2013

my love for shutters.

I have a rather serious crush on real working shutters. Their detail adds so much charm to the front of the house! If you don't believe me, allow me try and change your mind...

In my humble opinion, the shutters that are operational and proportional are worth the investment! Now, if they are out of your budget, you can always add the decorative hinges to your existing shutters to give you the same look, for a much smaller price tag. Here are some great options if that's what you would like!

See, the existing shutters on our farmhouse aren't proportional to the windows, have no endearing details, and are chipping. They must go. I can't wait to replace them with something new! 

It would be funny to try and close those... not much of the window would actually be covered. Not to mention, they aren't even tall enough! Well, I suppose the previous owners just weren't as opinionated as I am, and loved them. As for me, I am ready for a change! 

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