Monday, April 5, 2010

preciousness in a pot

i just l.o.v.e. throwing a party
whether it's for friends or family,
inside or outside,
parties are such wonderful times to celebrate!

Easter is one of the biggest celebrations of the year!
Jesus defeated death and rose again so that we may
have the opportunity to accept Him as our Savior
and live eternally with Him in Heaven.
That's the best reason of all to celebrate!

So, yesterday we had 20, yes 20, family members at our
home to celebrate Easter!
What a joyous occasion!

God blessed us with the most gorgeous day,
and every detail from the wind to the blooming azaleas
to the perfect temperature topped off the day.
Just like God's details, I love the 
little details at a party.
They make the party especially festive!

Because we were hosting quite a few
people, I decided to assign each guest a place
to avoid any chaos as it was time to be seated.

As you are doing so,
be sure to consider each person's needs

A few ideas...
Do they enjoy being outdoors?
Will they have enough room to get to their seat?
Who would they most enjoy visiting with?
Would they feel comfortable sitting with people they
may not know very well?

I'm a very visual learner, and like to map out
the seating as I make the final decisions.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

I was browsing HobLob last week, &
 their great Easter discounts in search of place cards.
Instead, I found these darling cupcake picks...

too bad I wasn't planning on baking Easter cupcakes...

wait a sec! those would be perfect.
and those wheels kept on spinning...

I was suddenly on the hunt for a few specific items
to create the most adorable place card setting you've ever seen.
I hurriedly grabbed a bag two bags of Easter grass
(momentarily forgot that such grass is never ending)
and headed to our local lawn & garden store for terra cotta 3 inch pots.
They ended up not having any in stock,
but my wonderful mom bought 20 and brought
them to me on Saturday.
(one other thing you'll need is jumbo marshmallows)

Now, here we go...

{1} write guests names on the cupcake picks

{2} poke each one into a marshmallow

depending upon your preferred height, use 1,2, or 3 shmallows

{3} place in terra cotta pot & cover with Easter grass
you won't even need an entire bag of grass for this project

 ta-da! preciousness in a pot

{5} set around at each spot and wait in anticipation for
your guests' squeals at their adorableness :)

hope you enjoyed this little party planning tid-bit!

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  1. haha love it! "preciousnes in a pot!" so creative! great idea!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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