Monday, June 28, 2010

gold to glazed

i've been mulling over ideas in my head,  for. many. months.
about what to hang on our breakfast room wall.
i found the perfect pieces at a fabulous thrift store in downtown.

check out our fabulous finds from the weekend!

 those will be perfect for our breakfast room wall!

mirror: $30
plates: $2.50/ea

the gold on that mirror just wasn't working for me,
 so i decided to try my hand at glazing.

let's begin.

spray paint the mirror white

buy a pint of ralph lauren faux glaze at home depot.
tint with your chosen RL paint color.
i chose to tint with desert boot.

using a paint brush, glaze your desired area.
for best results, glaze an area with texture/design so the glaze will nicely accentuate it

wipe off the excess glaze with a damp rag

don't panic if you're not crazy about it halfway through,
the finished product will rock.

repeat steps 3 & 4 around the entire mirror,
step back and enjoy your new masterpiece.

sweetly ask hubby to hang it on your breakfast room wall.
love it. 

want to see what we did with those precious milk-glass plates? check it out, here!

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  1. ooooh, i really like that! it turned out so pretty. i just recently tried my first glazing project.
    come check out my blog if you'd like :)


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