Friday, July 9, 2010

panels...a splurge

i hardly ever pay full price for home decorative items.
i love, love, love to find a good deal
i am usually up to the challenge of making/sewing/painting it myself

now that i have that out there, i splurged this week. big time.
i have been looking for drapery panels forever...i had even decided that i wanted blue ones
i just couldn't seem to find the right blend of color and fabric.
tuesday night i was flipping through my favorite catalogue, 
and realized that ballard offered many more color options than pictured on their drapery page.

they had the perfect blue! 
 ballard designs
spa linen blue

the spa blue that's in the fabric on my loveseat.
 ballard designs
the design is much larger in person, but this gives you a good idea 
and although you can't really see it, the background is spa blue

my heart started beating fast.
 then...wednesday morning i got an email reminding me that ballard was offering free shipping.
and my mom had given me a coupon for 15% off my entire order last time we saw them.
i thought about it all day going back and forth, 
but it was one of those things i knew i'd regret not buying! forever.
mom also said she'd help with the cost because my bday is coming up,
which definitely helped me make the decision.
thanks mom!

i did it! i bought the draperies! and i couldn't be more excited.

 ballard design
those lovely curtains, just spa blue
(they didn't have a picture of it)

they'll arrive sometime next week.
my walls will go from drab to fab!

o don't worry.  i'll post as soon as they're hung!

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