Thursday, December 30, 2010

thrifty finds

I have spent at least the last 2-3 months looking for Louis XVI style chairs for our family room.
I have been craving seating in front of the fireplace.  

house beautiful 


Their shape, style, and size are perfect for the room, but their price tag wasn't.
They usually ranged between 150-200 each, even in consignment stores. 
Then one day in early December I stumbled upon a recently opened thrift store via C-List.
The location is about 30 min from our house & worth every second of the drive time!
They had (2)  Louis XVI style chairs for $129.00! TOTAL! 
I saw the add around 11:00 one night, 
and first thing the next morning I loaded little one in the car & we were on our way!

Aren't they just perfect in that space?  
I had found that round ottoman a few months earlier and with a tray atop, 
it will serve as a lovely side table for those chairs.

These are my two recovering options, as of now. 
I would love for you to leave your opinion,
in favor of either {A} or {B} because I'm being indecisive.

Recover the front-back and front-seat in the stripe of the decorator table fabric (above picture),
and recover the arms and back-back in a twill khaki.

ballard designs

Paint the chairs white and distress them.
(similar to the decorpad image)
Recover the front-back & front-seat in this large check
ballard designs
which is also the fabric on our bar stool cushions.

Recover the arms and back-back in this dark chocolate twill.
 ballard designs

I am leaning more towards option B because the brown would help anchor that area of the room...
but I haven't made up my mind 100% yet!

decisions. decisions.


  1. Wow good score!! Love those kind of chairs too!! My input is cover them all in the same fabric and consider bleaching the wood rather than painting it. I think the HB house has bleached wood. If you paint and distress, you can never really go back and you may be messing up good, usable wood. I think if you bleach to get that light wood look people are doing now then you can always restain later if you don't want them light anymore and you havent painted and sanded into good wood....but just my ten cents!

  2. I like option A. the wood is in really good condition and if you left it brown you would still have some brown to anchor that part of the room. I like the blue and beige striped fabric, too!

  3. just found this next on google reader, right after reading and commenting on your post! so thought i'd share

  4. thanks, mom and erin! all your ideas sure have me thinking today!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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