Saturday, January 29, 2011

bursts of sun

I was clicking through the internet one night this week and found this beauty at Pier 1. on sale!

Now that the furniture situation is taken care of in the living room,
I can start working on wall art. I have been craving the addition of a sunburst. Surely it will add that needed bit of pizazz and refresh the room with it's sparkling personality.

I was looking for one to hang on the wall above the newly positioned loveseat, and expected it to be pretty expensive, but it wasn't & it was on sale! The Pier 1 in town had just one left so I snatched it up and they honored the online sale price, even though it wasn't marked as such in the store.

I brought it home and Hubby admitted that it wasn't his favorite,
and that it would have to grow on him. Hmmmm.....I appreciate his honesty but I bet he loves it by next week.

Then yesterday morning I received my weekly updates, and lo and behold was an entire article about sunbursts!
I sent it to him at work hoping to encourage the love of all things sunburst.

Here are some of my favorite images from the article:

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