Thursday, January 13, 2011

I should break more rules.

The other day on The Nate Show,
 he talked about the 4 rules made to break when it comes to decorating.
The examples he gave were from decorating a bedroom, so that's where I compared my notes.
That's when I realized I just don't break enough rules, though I do break some ;) 
The RULES below are meant to be broken!

:: RULE 1 ::
"Don't mix large, small, & different prints because it won't look coordinated."

I don't know how to assess that one, but just to be safe I'll say that I don't break it.
Our dust ruffle matches that mama-jama bolster pillow. which i seriously love.
all the pillows pictured were ordered from PB but not from the same set... 
so maybe I kinda broke the rule?
but it could definitely use a few more pillows, or a coverlet, or some more pizzazz
to help me really break the rule!

:: RULE 2 ::
"You can only use matching frames on the wall."

Now, sometimes the look created from matching frames is stunning and the coordination is necessary.
However, at other times the eclectic look adds more personality.
Sadly, the walls in our master are in some serious need of attention.
But I have been dreaming of making framed botanicals to hang on either side of the mirror.
 pottery barn 

Though I must say, I would be tempted to hang them in matching frames! eek! 

:: RULE 3::
"The only piece of furniture that you can place at the end of the bed is a bench"

Alas, I don't have any furniture at the end of our bed.
That upholstered bench above would be lovely, but so would this setee.

and a setee can hold more pillows!
Nate also suggested a vanity or a desk. All a matter of personal preference.

:: RULE 4 ::
Your bed side tables should match one another.

Finally! A rule that I've broken!  Both of our end tables are family heirlooms,
and I love how they add an extra dose of character to the room.

love those curvy legs.

So, are you a RULE breaker?! 
If so, brag on how many rules you've broken!


  1. Your bed is gorgeous!

    I'm sort of boring and should probably break more rules. This post has me thinking.


  2. Love this bedroom of yours. It's so simple, but at the same time it has it's own special charm! :)

    condo in philippines


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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