Thursday, February 3, 2011

Estate Sale

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How dreamy would a wine cask be as a patio side table?

Or as the base for a dining room table.


or a gorgeous chandelier? 

I had big dreams for an Estate Sale that I found on C-List one night.
Three wine casks were pictured & priced at $50/ea. 
The sale began at 9:00 the next morning!
Hubby and I were dreaming of all we would do with our wine cask treasures.
We walked into the estate sale the next morning, 
quickly realizing the pictures & description had been quite misleading.
The three casks standing before us were nothing more than miniature whiskey barrels,
and they already had a sold sign.
I must admit, that since they were already sold I was glad they weren't what I'd been dreaming of.
Made the pain of not finding our deal of a lifetime more bearable.

I still have my eye out for some though. I'll find them one day,
And when I do, I want to turn that beauty into a chandelier!

I did leave with a few other treasures though...

a few antique books at $5/ea

and an antique wooden sailboat...perfect piece for the shelves in little one's
big boy room. which we'll start working on this summer!

This is what I wanted to look like as we pulled away...

Sharing these finds with House of Grace.


  1. Oh darn! Hope you find your barrels very soon. Love the ideas of what to do with them.


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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