Friday, July 22, 2011

picking paint colors

Do you ever wish that picking paint colors was as easy as asking for:

"navy blue"

I am constantly amazed by the vast amounts of shades, 
when it comes to just one paint color!
Yesterday, this is what I held up to the nursery walls and stared at...

I want gray walls...not too blue...definitely no hints of brown...
These paint decks/ fans are the way. to. go.

TOTALLY beats stashing 57 small colored pieces from the painting section
at your local hardware store, in your purse.
 Which I have definitely done before.
Done way too many times.
You just can't argue the ease of this method.
It helps the elimination process because you can immediately push out the ones that
are "too blue" "have hints of brown" and you're left with "good grays"
or whatever color you may be searching for.

Before I purchased mine, I assumed (which you should never do. i know!) 
that they were $20/ea or idea why i thought that.
But when I went to purchase my own,
I bought both of them for $10!

And I think it's kinda fun to have,
for those rainy days,
when you just feel like looking at paint colors?
I don't know. 
I just like them.
They're hip. They're cool.
They save you time and purse space.
Go get some if you are in the process of choosing a paint color.
You can thank me later :) 

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