Friday, February 12, 2010

create peace amongst the clutter

Clutter. Blah.

 When I find clutter, I am filled with the desire to
destroy. every. particle. 
However, that would be entirely impractical.
Solution? Organize it.
It will create a little peace in your home ;)

Sit back and relax, as I suggest for you some organizational tips

First up, your closet.  

{1} The right hanger makes all the difference in the world.  Trust me.  If you are using wire hangers, throw them away!  Don't even think twice about it.  Drop them in the trash can on your way to Target.
Most dry cleaners will also accept them. That would be a nice way to recycle your "unwanteds."

Personally, I like to stick with white, although random colors tend to sneak their way in from hubby's side (he's just not as picky).

wifey's side

hubby's side

My sister (in-law) - just to clarify but we drop that silly ending - uses white for shirts, black for dresses, and blue for pants.  Another great idea.
ps: she loves organizing,too
  Just make sure they're plastic!!

{2} Color coordinate. This might sound crazy, or overwhelming, but it insures that every piece of clothing fits in its appropriate scheme.
This technique also helps you resist the urge to jam the hangers in a random spot as you hurriedly hang up the clean laundry.

That should be enough to work on for one day.  Now, off with you, and rid yourself of those wire hangers!

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