Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bye, bye brass knobs

 cheap, brass, builders-grade knobs are gross.


i have despised these ever since we moved in, & finally found some lovely replacements
for the doors in our bedroom.

a few months ago we were at a habitat for humanity restore, and i found the knobs of my dreams...
but they were attached to old doors. 
each door was only $15.00, but i didn't want the doors. so i asked if I could just buy the knobs. 
the manager was super friendly, and agreed to it. he even took the knobs off for us! 
i walked out with two sets of antique glass knobs for $5/ ea!

 truth is, i would have bought the whole door, removed the knobs, 
and then re-donated the doors if he had said "no"...
but i'm sure glad that he saved me from going to all of that trouble time!

so it's time to say "buh-bye" to the brass, and hello to the glass!

but not before encountering a slight bump in the road...
the brass knob plates covered a larger area than the glass ones do,

so instead of using the door plates from the antique knobs,
we spray painted the brass ones white.

this wasn't my first choice, but i think it turned out great!
a lot better than nail holes on either side of the knobs.

love laying in bed and looking at them...


by them i mean my pic of hubby and the glass knobs ;)

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  1. I hear ya...I hate the builders knobs. We just built a home and I am looking to put some glass on our doors. These look beautiful, so elegant.


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