Friday, November 12, 2010

project::office i'm moving in

after all this talk about "hubby's" office,
it turns out that i'm going to be moving in and taking over one of the corners.
 i promised to be a friendly and easy going tenant.
after rearranging the furniture in some other rooms & trying to fit my work space there,
 this spot just made the most sense for my desk.
he's such a sweety to share his office with his wifey.
which gives me even more incentive to get this place decorated!

first thing to go was this big, bulky desk in the corner.
it stuck out too far into the room,  wasn't real attractive, had strange drawer insides,
and stuck out in front of the just bugged me.

  ignore the mess - we're just in the middle of rearranging!

it was hubby's desk through HS and college and served him well,
but just doesn't work with the look we want in this space.
so, it's outta here! 

and that lovely box is full to the brim with all thparaphernalia that used to fill the desk. 
which means more organizing for me! 

what's coming in to fill that space?
that is for me to know and you to find out. hehe
 but i'll just say it's super cute, practical, and will fit in that spot perfectly!

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