Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cork it

we've been collecting wine corks for the last few years.
we try & remember to write the occasion, date, and have everyone present sign each one.
whether its 4 or 14 people, it's a fun way to remember special times with the ones we love.

we had been collecting them here

but began running out of room...what can i say, we like wine!

so i'd had my eye out for another cork collection container,
and the other night at home goods i found something just right...

 i had been looking for a clear glass lamp, but i love the details on this one!

it's obviously not quite full, but it's fun to have an ongoing "project" of filling up the lamp! 

we even kept some special corks from our trip to Napa last spring.
we had just finished touring the Schramsberg wine caves, which was extra romantic because
we celebrated with their sparkling wine at our engagement party & our wedding...

and i snatched up a handful corks and stashed them in my purse.
they weren't going to use them for anything, especially nothing as cool as filling up my lamp!

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