Tuesday, November 2, 2010

credenza here or there

once we moved our bookshelf into the office we were left with a nice empty wall.
at that point, hubby hadn't agreed to move the t.v. down from the fireplace.
so i went in search of something that would nicely fill the space & that allowed for creative decorating.

i found this beautiful credenza for a great deal on the c-list. 100 bucs to be exact!
i loved the legs and the detail. 

and it fit perfectly in the space...
but one night i was the only awake and was piddling around
when i decided to try placing furniture in different spots around the house.
i slid our credenza from the family room to the breakfast room.
i squealed outloud at how perfectly it fit! our credenza had a new home.

sorry for the weird coloring...it was 12am but i realllly wanted a pic of it!

the plates had been hung at the perfect level, just waiting for credenza to arrive!
i. love. it.

but that's what left us with this...

so i'm scouring the c-list daily to find the perfect armoire for the yet again empty wall spot.
it's amazing how rearranging furniture can completely transform a space!


  1. Haha! There's always a place in our home that needs a little something. My husband is used to that by now, poor guy. I love your new arrangement. What is the fabric on the chairs?


  2. thx! i am loving it, too...the fabric came from a fabulous fabric warehouse in downtown...its like a soft burlap-ish...i bought waaaaay more than i needed...so if you want some i'd be happy to send it your way!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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