Wednesday, November 24, 2010

project::office backward books

yesterday i posted about the antique show that my mom and i visited last week,
 and how i gained so much inspiration from this display.

today i am going to show you how one display further helped me decorate the shelves
in hubby's office transformation.  
here i showed you how i initially chose to decorate them,
but the following display motivated me to try something a little reversed...

{i apologize for the glare and bad photos...they were taken with my phone}

i instantly fell in love with those backward books.

it's much more eye-catching than just the usual spine.
and of course i came home and tried it.

turning around a handful of books doesn't make the same impact,
but it does give the shelves more visual interest.
just won't be real helpful when i'm looking for a specific read...

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