Friday, May 20, 2011

Run, Running, Runner

One of my 2011 goals was to make some much needed change to our hallway.
As of now it's just wood floors and creamy walls ... with a rather random mirror at the end.
Love the mirror, but it just seems random down there by itself.
It needs a table with some fun items atop, paneling on the walls, 
and large framed photographs above the paneling,
so we can all have something to catch our eye as we walk to and fro.
Pretty much everything that I wrote about here

I am just craving some lovely runners to greet my feet 
on each of my many daily trips down the hall.
I do need to find some rather inexpensive because I want 2 of the lovelies.
One for the main hallway and one following the left turn.

Here are a few of my favorites these days...

I have always loved this one 

An indoor/outdoor rug would probably serve us well,
considering the hallway is a rather high traffic area.
This darling from Dash and Albert might just do the trick!

Love this Chevron option and all of the following from West Elm, too!

 Here a unique print, and the celery green would pop nicely against the dark floors.
l.o.v.e mustard yellow!

adding a zebra print rug in the hallway would be a fun way to incorporate
animal prints in that space....

hmmm...the jury is still our on this decision but I have plans to stop by
my nearest West Elm store and take a look at some of my favorites in person!

What's your opinion? Do you have a favorite runner design?

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  1. wow, love the diamond pattern outdoor rug! really moves the eye & the color is fantastic. Enjoying your site!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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