Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remember those Louis XVI style chairs...

Those chairs I wrote about here.
Are you surprised that they still look the same as they did 3 months ago? ha.
Well, thanks to Lisa @ A Vintage Vine I have found new inspiration!

She just recently wrote a post about creating her own Wisteria Like Furniture.
Her $9 vintage table was transformed into this lovely.

The look she gave her table is exactly what I wanted my chairs to look like...
something like this.


So now I just need to convince hubby that stripping the stain
 and dealing with the harsh chemicals for me is a great weekend project... 
otherwise I'll have to wait until post baby to check this item of my 2011 goal list.
And I am just really getting sick of the fabric on these chairs!


and once they're refinished I'll recover the front and arms in a twill chocolate fabric

and the backs in this plaid, to add a little pizzazz and coordinate with our kitchen stools.

I love all the inspiration that is around every corner blogland.
Thanks, Lisa, for re-inspiring me to tackle this project!

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