Tuesday, December 21, 2010

our first Christmas gathering

my favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with the ones that you love.
tonight, we hosted our first of three parties for the week, and it will be tough to beat!
my life-long best friend left december 26th last year for singapore to teach english,
and today was the 1st time that i had seen her since!

our parents have also been close friends since we were babies, 
so when we get together there are many stories to be told and lots of laughter to share!
tonight we all gathered together to celebrate Christmas
and i wish the evening could have gone on forever!

friends forever

we're so glad mags is back in town, too! 

lots of love!

we were so blessed by all who were here tonight.
and we are so thankful to have a home where we can celebrate with the ones we love!

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