Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it looks a lot like Christmas!

I love Christmas more than any other time of year,
and the home never looks more beautiful and feels more cozy than it does during Christmastime!
This year I focused my decor around the colors of green, white, silver, & burlap with hints of red.
Much different than any other year, and I love all the shades of the colors together!

Welcome into our home!

Let's begin in the breakfast room....

the top of our hutch

my mom gave me the brass deer and i printed the picture here

my collection of bleached pinecones
i got impatient and didn't let them soak long enough...
but they have hints of white!

i picked up these darling rosemary topiaries at home depot for just $12 each! 
then spray decorated them with tiny ornaments for added Christmas cheer.

and once Christmas decorations come down, I can still use them throughout the year.

i picked up these votive holders at Target for just $3/ea!
they add a perfect touch of sparkle

this nativity set was a wedding gift, and used to be all sorts of bright colors...
but just a coat of white semi-gloss spray paint made it more my style.

our Christmas credenza

For our centerpiece, I decorated the Williamsburg cone from my mom with 
granny smith apples and boxwood clippings.
Her dad made it for her and now it's my turn to enjoy it!

a simple swag of live garland ties it all together

 the whole picture

Now onto the mantle...

I used more live garland on the mantle & love how it lays!
I may use a fake tree but it's live garland from here on out for me!

I gathered my collection of candle sticks, silver, glass, & crystal, together
and the vintage champagne glasses from my grandfather full of ornaments.

 and we hung the stockings on the chimney with care :)

love that tree... i refused to pay the prices they ask in the store...
hubby scored this one on C-list!
and almost every ornament on those branches has a special story behind it!

  a few short branches of garland and pine cones for a pop of festiveness on the tray.

Mom is such a talented "needlepointer" 
and she sewed that nautical santa for hubby last year...

To top it all off...

that star used to be bright red, 
but i spray painted it along with some of the Christmas ornaments for the topiaries.
Love the sparkle atop the tree! 

Throughout the house we have other tidbits of Christmas cheer, but that's all for now!
Hope you've enjoyed the tour! 

 Check back tomorrow for the "how to" of bleaching pinecones and 
creating a Williamsburg cone centerpiece!

I'm linking up with Cottage & Vine's Tour of Homes!


  1. Liz, I have always liked those Williamsburg forms and yours looks great. Don't you love rosemary topiaries? They smell so nice and add so much to a room.

    Thanks you joining the party! Merry Christmas!


  2. Your home looks SO beautiful all decorated!!! Someday we'll get down there and see it in person! Love you!

  3. Love love love the apple centerpiece...can't wait to see the blog on how to make one and where do you get the boxwood clippings?


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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