Thursday, December 16, 2010

project::office i moved in...but not really

so a little while ago i decided that i needed a spot for my desk,
but reluctantly chose its new home to be in hubby's office.
i reallllllly wanted his office to be his man room, 
and was so sad that i couldn't find another spot besides this wall

the other desk moved out

and this adorable desk from jess moved in...
although it fit perfectly there,
it just wasn't working with my vision for the room.

and then i saw this. my once organized closet.
and thought to myself, "hmmm, i wonder if my cute little desk could fit in there?"

as we cleaned out the clutter, my mind was racing with ideas.
i just had a feeling...

that it would fit perfectly! without an inch to spare!
the closet was transformed into my own personal "mom cave"
within hubby's "man cave"

he was prepared to remove the doors in order to make it fit.
but thankfully we didn't need to!

my mom cave/ desk nook!
and when i'm not using it, 
i can just shut the doors and hubby's man cave won't even know that i'm there!

and remember when i shared my inspiration board for hubby's office?
i had my eye on a ballard designs desk chair...

but it's price tag was around $300...

well the other day i was at my mom's house, 
and spotted a nearly identical one in the corner of a guest room!
after i squealed and said how perfectly it would look in the office,
of course she let me bring it home!
and it's perfect!
the chair-back design is soooo similar to the BD one that i'd wanted!

i am just loving my mom cave, and have added some great details to the space 
since these pictures. so, stay tuned!
more pictures soon to come!

and in case you're wondering, we moved the file cabinets to another closet...
and got rid of most of the hubby's junk stuff that was living on those shelves.

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