Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to market, to market

Saying that we had fun would be an understatement!
We saw gorgeous things, took away gobs of inspiration,
and I even found a little something I'd been looking for...

I hope you snag some inspiration from these photos as well!
nail head trim detail on the chairs. cathedral arch mirror.  distressed hutch.
loved the grouping.

moss subtleties swoons me.

i would have loved to carry home an antique lantern and hang it over my kitchen table!

my mom inherited some of these beaded flowers from my grandmother.
we had no idea how valuable they are....
she has multiple stems of all different colors.
these were selling for $95/ ea!
mom panicked that she had thrown them away 
but yesterday she texted and said she'd found them in the garage.
i bet they'll be dusted off and displayed in no time!

first of all, 
love the quatrefoil fabric. no surprise, as anything quatrefoil tugs on my heart strings.
the knotted tufting on that chair is fabulous.
filing these inspiration photos away for when I get around to bleaching
and recovering these lovelies

fluttering butterflies made from music sheets.

this pillow cover gave me a great idea for finishing out the pillows
for my friend's dijon dreaming bedroom.

i just loved that pink chair and flowery fabric.
so chic. so girly.

and this pic is for you, Lo!
One booth had these flowers everywhere,
and made me think of the sweet nursery you're designing!

this little mirrored vase was my treasure of the day.
i'd been craving a mirrored accessory for our home...
haven't figured out where it's going or what's going in it...
but little man was helping me photograph it for this post,
and i apologize for the terrible color/ lighting!

I wish you all could have been there to experience the market in person,
but I hope you all enjoyed the photos and use the inspiration throughout your home!


  1. take me with you next time!!

  2. Chris and I went (thanks to your blog) and we loved it also --- we found a little furniture store out of Tyler that we want to go to sometime! Canton is calling our name!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  3. How fun!!! I love all the pictures! I was talking to Mom and we couldn't believe we'd never even heard of Urban Market...we should go together with our mommas sometime!

  4. Yummy! Love those pictures Liz!


  5. Love that chair! Where did you go...maybe I missed where you said that....I'll go back and check...Thanks for all the inspiring pics!

  6. SO fun! I wish I coulda gone with you!


thank you for your sweet comments! i hope you enjoyed your time at a peace of home today.

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