Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last Tuesday was what I would call a "jackpot" day!

The runners I've been dreaming of arrived.

They are perfect!
 I mentioned here what a fabulous deal they were,
and even if they hadn't been such a steal, I would still love them just as much!
The perfect shade of gray. Quatrefoile. Just enough contrast to the floor.
I tend to tire of things rather quickly, 
but I hope these rugs like their new home
because they'll be sticking around for quite a while.

the hallway still needs some work, but it's a step in the right direction from this

After naptime, Little Man and I headed to the land of Home Goods.
I literally had an overflowing cart.
The best part, all of the items were:
{a} a great deal
{b} all things that I had on my "want to find" list

Here is our list of Home Goods treasures...

rug pads
for my new runners! before these, the rugs sliding all over the wood floors.
for $8 a pop they gave a lovely added softness and stopped the sliding!
*highly recommended*

tea pots
in this post  i shared my love for a teapot theme.
the teapots in the top of this design board from laybabylay
were originally more than $275/ea at Anthro.
 i found them on sale for $50, but they were wired to be lights,
and i just wanted to use them together as a mobile!

Hubby told me to find some white teapots and he could use a ceramic drill bit
to create exactly what i wanted.
Well, wouldn't you know that on this great "jackpot" day,
I found oodles and oodles of white teapots at Home Goods!

price tag? $9.99/ea!
i brought home 5 for the price of just one from Anthro.

So, all in all, I hit the jackpot.
Those kind of days are so fun!

Have you had a jackpot day lately? I sure hope so!

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